Electrical Service Panels

Everywhere you look, electricity is connected to something. It may be the service line feeding your home or business, outlets feeding devices, or switches that control the lighting. The electrical service panel (or breaker box as it often called) is the most vital part of your electrical system. 
The electrical service panel is used to connect to the power lines from the utility company and also delivers electrical current to all of the circuits. The electrical service panel is also your primary line of defense against electrical problems in your home or business. Circuit breakers turn the power to your home and business on and off to protect wiring from damage or fire when an electrical short or overcurrent occurs.
If your home or business needs a service panel upgrade or more power overall, use the services of a professional electrician like Rogoz Electric to upgrade the power, including a new electrical service panel. Call 623-363-5648 for Licensed, experienced electrician services!