Low Voltage Electrical Systems

Low voltage refers to electrical power supplies that produce relatively low power levels. These systems use special transformers to reduce the main power supply down to a lower voltage. Low voltage wiring is the wiring for audio, video, telephone, intercom, data, alarm systems, HVAC, and generally any wiring for things using less than 24 volts.

One of the drawbacks to lower voltage is that fixtures must be installed close to the power source or transformer. Low voltage can be used with small electrical systems only, and may not be appropriate for commercial or large-scale electrical projects.  Electrical current passing through low-voltage cabling such as telecommunications, security or video is generally not strong enough to cause a fatal electric shock. However there still are very real safety risks associated with low-voltage systems.
Low-voltage can cause unsettling shocks, especially in an unsafe environment, such as ungrounded or standing in a wet area. While it’s unlikely that such shocks will cause serious injury by themselves, they certainly could literally knock someone off balance, which could be a safety risk if they were standing on a ladder. With low-voltage systems, it’s easy for people to have a sense of complacency that can build a false sense of security.
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