Older Single Family Home with large Driveway in Early Spring Sea

The Crucial Need for Electrical Upgrades in Vintage Homes

In the charm and character of an older home lies a hidden element that often goes overlooked until issues arise – the electrical system.

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Powering the Future

The future of electricity is a dynamic and evolving landscape, shaped by technological advancements, environmental considerations, and shifting consumer demands. As we move towards a more sustainable and interconnected world, the way we generate, transmit, and consume electricity is undergoing a profound transformation. At the forefront of this transformation is the rapid growth of renewable…

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Enhancing Spaces with Recessed Lighting

In order to improve the aesthetics of their spaces, homeowners and designers are increasingly turning to recessed lighting. Its sleek and simple design melds perfectly with many architectural types, giving it a modern and elegant appearance.

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Electrical Safety in Your Home is of the Utmost Importance

Electricity is a potent and potentially lethal force that we rely on daily, and its improper handling can result in serious injury or death.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

All Electric Vehicles come with a means to be connected to the power grid. The charging station that converts AC house current into DC electricity is built into the vehicle. Most models include a basic 110-volt charging unit that plugs into a standard electric outlet via a conventional three-prong plug. This is called Level 1…


Nikola Tesla Was an Inventor and Futurist

Nikola Tesla was an inventor and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. Tesla tried to put his inventions to practical use in his Wardenclyffe Tower project, an intercontinental wireless communication and power transmitter. Tesla’s intention was to develop a system that…