Electric Vehicle Charging

All Electric Vehicles come with a means to be connected to the power grid. The charging station that converts AC house current into DC electricity is built into the vehicle. Most models include a basic 110-volt charging unit that plugs into a standard electric outlet via a conventional three-prong plug.

This is called Level 1 charging, and assuming you already have basic electric service, it’s the cheapest. However, it’s also the slowest. Depending on the vehicle and its battery capacity, it can take anywhere from eight to nearly 24 hours to bring its power cells up to a full charge. Level 1 charging is basically a trickle charge that generally gets you just 2 or 3 miles of driving range for every hour of charge time.

The best choice is to have an electrician install a dedicated circuit to take advantage of what’s called Level 2 charging. This can replenish a depleted battery in around four hours. Level 2 charging is much quicker because it’s done at higher voltage and at higher amperage. You’ll also need to purchase an external Level 2 charging unit.
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